Real estate industry solutions
  • 房地产行业解决方案 Real estate industry solutions
  • 应用背景 the application background


    Multimedia touch inquiry per-sale housing system is a multimedia computer system with image, sound, text integrated together, Because of its own colorful illustration and simple operation, and it can synthesize the information publisher’s will and the recipient’s demand for information and acceptance habits, also collect, process, integrate information and from bidirectional communication. It has been a new information media and widely used in the garden areas, real estate companies in recent years.

  • 应用意义 Significance of Application


    Providing the Real Estate Company’s introduction, the latest information of property, sample room presentation, effect diagram display and charging standard and promotion activities, to allow customers to better understand the housing information, and enhance their buying desire.


  • 应用场所   Application areas

    公司大厅, 接待厅,VIP休息厅,电梯口,主要通道。

    Company hall, reception room, VIP Lounge, elevator, main lanes.