Medical industry solutions
  • 医疗行业解决方案  Medical industry solutions


  • 应用背景  The application background


    With the Chinese economy developing levels increasing, Chinese hospital construction also develops rapidly, with the new medical reform’s deeper application and medical market open policy, the Chain market also lifts the boom of hospital investment, the China hospitals are being transferred towards digitization, informatization, intelligence, and the society also has new requirements about services and the degree of humanization of hospital service.


  • 应用意义 Significance of Application


    To install terminal players in the hospital hall, waiting room, elevator, corridor regions, it can build up medical information guide system platform, have network control of multi monitors, and realize the unified management of related information display.

  • 应用场所  Application areas


    The lobby and entrance area, the registration area, triage area, corridor, ward, pharmacy, cashier, waiting rooms, elevator, etc.